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Movie 2: Hindi Medium

Rating - 8.5/10

What makes a person classy? (5 simple ways to be classy- I wouldn't know. Sincerest apologies.)

My dear and lovely parents(yes, they are following this blog) have a simple solution. Speak in English! BE English! Recently, I have been thinking of bringing a dog over from England. That would be classy right? A dog who barks in perfect English?

Meet Raj Batra from Chandni Chowk. He is a simple and charming man who runs a "Fashion Studio" and sells "original copies" of famous Indian designers' works. His goal in life is simple. To be a good husband and make his wife "Mitho" happy.

Mitho wants her daughter Pia to get admission in top English Medium schools. It is a common dilemma faced by modern parents. I saw the movie with my mom. I had to pause the movie multiple times while I heard her reminisce about how hard and difficult the nursery school admission was. Do not worry dear readers. I did manage to watch the movie.

The movie takes us through a comic journey in which the parents try to fit into the high-class society of Vasant Vihar and secure admission for Pia in the top school by hook or crook. "Mitho" becomes "Honey" and "mamma dard ho raha hai" becomes "I'm hurting mom!" as they attempt to become classy.

When all else fails, they decide to forge some documents and try to get in through the underprivileged quota.

The parents who would do anything to get their daughter to the right school

Irrfan is absolutely lovable as the quirky businessman Raj with humble roots. He always listens to his wife and strives to make her happy. His friendship with Shyam Prakash from Bharat Nagar is fun and tear-jerking to watch. In the end, when he can no longer run from his conscience, he gets to the stage and gives a typical Bollywood style speech about everything that is wrong with the education system.

It is a truly delightful watch which also makes you think.

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