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Are Honest People Really Just Mean?

A cute and honest dog
The most honest creature in existence

Honesty is the best policy. It has been drummed into us since the good old times when we began shitting in our diapers. I believe honesty is highly overrated. This author is a very honest person. Now, if that doesn't sound like an absolute truth, I honestly do not know what does.

It has come to this author's notice that some people are very honest. To be honest, I hate such people. It is not a passing dislike. It is an active hatred. What I hate more is when they are honest with me. "Just being honest, but you look starved. Don't you eat enough?" Such an upstanding honest citizen filled with concern for me. I guess I should be grateful.

Henceforth, thee shall be known as Frank

Honest people are so mean. Let me illustrate a few examples for my ignorant readers' benefit. (Just kidding, you are a lovely person. See? This is how you should be honest.)

  • Do not take this the wrong way, you are just not that talented man. You should give up now and save yourself the trouble.

  • Honestly, you should stop behaving like a spoilt kid in the name of depression.

  • To say the truth, you look fat and ugly. You could do well to lose some pounds.

  • Grow a pair and be a man! Don't get offended, I am saying this for your own good.

  • Seriously?!! You are a boy? You definitely look like a girl. Just being honest.

  • God, you are so damn stupid. No offense, I just don't know how to filter the truth.

Ever noticed how "brutally honest" people would be just putting you down in the name of honesty? Think hard, do they ever sincerely compliment you? If any brutally honest person is reading this, feel free to change your ignorant ways. No offense.

My dear readers, now for a final dose of honesty, you should really be sharing pixie posts more. Just saying.

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