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Movie 5: The Lunchbox

Rating: 9.5/10

While having food, I have this habit of saving the best morsel for the last. The Lunchbox is that delicious morsel in this tribute series.

Ila and Saajan

The Lunchbox is a love story. It is a love story between two unlikeliest characters we could imagine. It is a love story that develops over lunchboxes and letters inside those lunchboxes. A mixup in the lunch delivery service is the start of this beautiful love story between Ila, an ignored housewife, and Saajan, a very crotchety middle-aged man.

It is not quite possible to describe the magic that Ila and Saajan weave together on the silver screen. We root for them to meet all through the movie, while not wanting the letters to stop either. "Sometimes the wrong train leads to the right station". The vulnerability, the nuances and the subtleties of human nature are well captured by this one.

Irrfan as Saajan kicked a** as always. I won't talk about any scenes in the movie. This one is too precious. Just go watch it already. Thank me later.

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