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Movie 3: Piku

Rating: 8/10

What is the best feeling in the whole world? Varies from person to person I guess. Let me tell you a very well guarded secret if you promise not to tell anyone else. I think the most satisfying feeling is when you pass a number two! (Please don't give up reading just yet!)

70-year old Bhaskor Banerjee does not suffer from the usual ailments associated with men of his age. He does not suffer from diabetes or blood pressure or even cancer. What he suffers from is constipation. He constantly talks about his shit. His daughter Piku scares away her dates by talking about her father's shit. It is very entertaining to watch the love-hate relationship between the father-daughter duo.

Bhaskor may be a man obsessed with his health. He also made some really valid points. Bluntly and harshly, he branded marriage as a low IQ decision. He had nothing against marriage. He was against marriage without a purpose. Women giving up their identity, independence, respect, brain for their husbands is a low IQ decision. He does not spare even his dead wife from his judgement. I must say, I totally agree with him on that point! What I did not appreciate was the way he actively prevented his daughter from marrying anyone. He took away her choice and that really made his progressiveness seem shallow.

Rana Choudhary, who is not a Bengali Choudhary, drives Piku and Bhaskor to Kolkata when all of this taxi drivers bail on it. The drive makes up most of the movie. Rana is not a pushover to the demanding personality of Bhaskor. Neither is he baited by Piku's accusations of him trying to impress her. He holds his own against their difficult personalities.

I came out quite a bit wiser after watching this movie. Let me say farewell by quoting the wise words of Rana, "Death and shit...these two things can come to anyone, anywhere, anytime."

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