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Irrfan Khan - A Tribute

It is indeed a black day in the history of world cinema as the cinematic legend Irrfan Khan passed away at the age of 53. Fate has played a cruel hand with us as it decided to pluck this irreplaceable talent from us.

He did not merely act his character. He became one. After all, who has not rooted for grumpy and soft Saajan to unite with Ila in The Lunchbox? I am not about to go into detail about his movies or his characters in this article. Over the next 5 days, I would be posting my opinions on 5 movies that would have been incomplete without Irrfan breathing life into them. It is a small and humble tribute to the great legend on my part.

Let us be proud of the legacy left behind by him and revisit his greatness all over again.

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