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Happy New Year, my dear readers!

Just realized it is a whole new year on hearing the sound of fireworks outside (it's exactly 12:00 AM as I write this). I am spending the new year my favourite way - all tucked in the bed with my laptop beside me.

If you ask me the point of this post, I have to admit - there isn't really one. Should I come up with something profound? Hmm. I want to delight the world on this auspicious day/night with my auspicious writing? Nah. I will stick to my directionless rambling.

2022 was quite an eventful year in my usually eventless life. I moved to a new city, started living alone for the first time in my life, started learning piano and continued being an awesome person in general. If you need any proof of my awesomeness, please contact my mom.

For 2023, I have just 3 wishes.

  1. Get rich.

  2. Get richer.

  3. Get even more rich?

Just kidding. (Not really, donations are welcome).

As for resolutions, I would prefer not to make any. I have a shameful history of never following through on any of them. Let's stop there. I do not wish to relive the trauma and guilt. If any of you have a successful record of following your new year's resolutions, please do NOT let me know. I prefer to think everyone is a failure. Thank you.

Ramblings aside, I hope all of you have a great year ahead - filled with new beginnings, hobbies, love and peace. Meh, since I am feeling generous, I will wish you all that for all the coming years. My wishes are as golden as Midas' touch.

I stop now. Goodnight, sayonara, my half-asleep brain is begging me to sleep.

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